Sermons on “John”

An Unlikely Voice

God’s grace and peace to all of you this morning, on the eve of yet another turning of the year.

Yesterday my husband Andrew and I saw a dream become a reality. Long before we met one another we each sustained a love of travel. I had special connections to Southeast Asia and Andrew to the old Soviet Block. Our life before children was characterized by frequent travel, domestic and international.

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Fourth Sunday in Advent – The Word Became Flesh

Almost exactly fourteen years ago, I relaxed at home with my family on my Christmas break.  My plans for seeing family and friends stopped short when I woke up one morning with what I thought was stomach flu.  I called a friend to cancel our lunch plans even though, as the day progressed, it became very clear it was something worse.

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Christmas in July

You may have noticed that our text for today is one that we usually read at Christmas, and that our hymn of the day is a Christmas hymn. And there is, I promise, a reason for that. Today begins our sermon series titled “Not in the Bible,” which is a continuation of the same series that began last summer. There are so many things that have been so closely associated with Christianity that aren’t actually in the Bible–and it’s good for us to step back every once in awhile, do some research, and take a realistic look at our sacred text.

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I Choose You

This morning is the last Sunday in our sermon series; it’s not in the bible. We hope you have found the series interesting, informative and we trust the topics have made you reflect on your faith and how you understand it.

Today’s theme, you must accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, is one Pastor Torgerson and Aaron were eager to give me to preach on. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s my age.

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