Sermons by “Intern Kiara Jorgenson”

That We May Live

Is it possible to be something by not being something? I know, that’s an intense question to ask so early on a Sunday morning, so let me ask it another way: one some level do we define who we are by who we aren’t?

Perhaps some of you have heard the contemporary term applied to many young millennials today, the “nones.” Recent social science indicates that one third of young adults (18-29) and just over one third of thirty-somethings in the US identify as non-religious. Spiritual, yes, but without religious affiliation

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Because I AM you can

Grace to you and peace from Jesus Christ our LORD. Amen.

In my first weeks here at Augustana I’ve been learning many new names. And there’s a lot to names. Think about yours. Do you know the meaning of your name(s)? What’s in a name?

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The Heartache of Jesus

When Mark asked if I would consider preaching my first weekend serving as your intern I said “Yes!” but was in all honesty a bit intimidated. As a member of this congregation for just over a year, I do know a bit more about this community than some, perhaps. Yet to speak to you right out of the gate?! Thankfully Mark encouraged me to choose a text and to preach on something meaningful to me. So that is what I’ll try to do this morning.

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