Sermons by “Pastor Torgerson”

The Woman’s Testimony

Maybe you’ve heard the same version of this story that I heard.  Jesus meets a sinful woman, sets her straight, and once she’s clean and pure and ready to bear witness to the rest of her town, he uses her to his glory.  We know she was a sinful woman because she’s coming to the well at full noon.

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Fourth Sunday in Advent – The Word Became Flesh

Almost exactly fourteen years ago, I relaxed at home with my family on my Christmas break.  My plans for seeing family and friends stopped short when I woke up one morning with what I thought was stomach flu.  I called a friend to cancel our lunch plans even though, as the day progressed, it became very clear it was something worse.

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“I Will Bring You Back”

This year, a friend of mine found out her young daughter has cancer.  The doctors say that the form of cancer is highly curable, but it means years of aggressive treatments and long-term hospital stays.  The most recent hospital term lasted over 60 days.  My friend declared recently that she lives on Planet Cancer. 

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Get Up

Over the summer, people I love suffered an enormous tragedy.  When they called to tell me their terrible news, I found myself saying the words so many of us say so honestly but so automatically: oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, let me know if there’s any way I can help. 

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Now I Know

  Grace and peace to you from God our Creator, and our Savior Jesus Christ.  Amen.

            The word Genesis means beginning, and true to its name, this book gives us stories of beginnings.  Just as the creation story gave us the beginning of God’s work in the created world, so too does the story of Abraham give us beginnings.  In the story of Abraham and his beginnings, the story narrows in focus from one that encompasses the created universe to just this one family, God’s chosen people.

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Live By the Spirit

Somewhere from one out of ten to one out of five Americans defines themselves as “spiritual but not religious”. Most strictly speaking, this means that the person does not have any organized religious affiliation; in some cases, even defines herself as agnostic or atheist. However, if you are spiritual but not religious, you nonetheless find a need for a pursuit of that which is other, that which is holy, that which betters the self and serves the whole.

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The Life I Now Live

Finish this sentence for me: you are not a Christian if you…

How do you think that sentence ends? You are not a Christian if you… what? What is it about what you say or do or believe or are that someone says keeps you from living a life in Christ? There have been a few ways that others have finished that sentence for me.

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Unless Someone Guides Me

Let me start with a hypothetical situation. If I were to tell you that a white, straight, blue-collar, male, gun-owning, evangelical fundamentalist from a southern state ran into a black, lesbian, academic, female, Bernie-backing, progressive Protestant from a major urban area, and the two just so happened to immediately connect about scripture, and not only would they inspire each other to greater faith, but not a single word would be wasted on all their differences and arguments, but rather the two would come away still more ready to serve God in their own, dramatically different lives, would you suppose for even a second that such a thing could be possible?

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