The Power to Lay It Down

Two weeks from today we’ll celebrate Easter. We will don this sanctuary with lilies, take out crisp, fresh springy clothes for our families, and ready our ‘Alleluias’ again. And this is all for good reason, for if pressed we Christians can undeniably point to Easter as the symbol of our faith. It is the foremost day where we proclaim: “Love wins!” “Death is conquered” and “Fear Not!”

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Pilates Good Question

Dear friends in Christ, grace and peace. Amen

Jesus washes the feet of his disciples and tells them they would be doing the same thing.

Judas betrays Jesus.

Jesus is arrested.

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The Choice and Challenge of Upending

Resist. Resist!  One doesn’t have to look far to see that word in today’s context. It’s on banners, lawn signs, and perhaps most notably, with a hashtag in front of the word on Twitter or Instagram.  In many ways, we are living in a time of cultural resistance.

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Witness And Denial

I like Peter a lot.  I don’t like him because he’s brave and bold, perfect and aspirational. I like him because he’s real.  I like him because he falls over all the time.  I like him because I identify with him.

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A Worthy Example

I was 21 when I first traveled to India with a group of undergrads. A highlight of that trip included a service visit to the Sisters of Charity House, Mother Teresa’s well-known ministry in Kolkata. I remember many sights, smells and sounds from that time, but chief among them was a photo of Mother Teresea’s feet.

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The Light Of The World

Our confirmation students provided the theme for our Lenten services this year.  They fill out confirmation credit sheets, reflections on their service, learning, or worship experiences.  They also get to ask questions on these sheets.  So many of them asked such good questions that Abby, our youth director, started to gather them up in categories.

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The Resurrection And The Life

    Lazarus is dead.  He’s so dead that he’s wrapped up and in the tomb.  Death is so real you can smell it.

            And Jesus has the guts to say: “I am the resurrection and the life.  Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?”  Well, do you?

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Less Than God – Ash Wednesday

Today marks a holy day in the Christian tradition, Ash Wednesday. It’s historically a day for Christian reflection and penitence. It’s a day where we sit with the weight of our mortality and our sin, and let it sink in.

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The Woman’s Testimony

Maybe you’ve heard the same version of this story that I heard.  Jesus meets a sinful woman, sets her straight, and once she’s clean and pure and ready to bear witness to the rest of her town, he uses her to his glory.  We know she was a sinful woman because she’s coming to the well at full noon.

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