Sermon Questions for Reflection


How is this story relevant in my daily life?


What questions does this story make you ask? Where do you find the story challenging, confusing, frustrating, or just plain weird?


Where do you see yourself in this story? Choose a word, phrase, thought, character, or situation that speaks to your life.


How will you live your life differently this week because you know this story? How will it change the way you think, feel, or act?


What “need” did these early followers of Jesus have to respond to and how did they figure out the best way to meet this need?


How did the early disciples make the decision about how best to respond?


Can you recall a time or an event in your life of faith when God called you to respond to a specific need in this world? How did you respond?

How does it make you feel when you respond to a task that God has laid upon your heart?