Sermon Questions for Reflection


How is this story relevant in my daily life?


What questions does this story make you ask? Where do you find the story challenging, confusing, frustrating, or just plain weird?


Where do you see yourself in this story? Choose a word, phrase, thought, character, or situation that speaks to your life.


How will you live your life differently this week because you know this story? How will it change the way you think, feel, or act?


Do you remember taking your first communion?  What was the experience like? What was  your understanding of the meaning of communion then?


In his Large Catechism, Martin Luther describes communion as, “bread and wine set within God’s Word and bound to it.”  What do you think he means?  Try to give an explanation of communion in your words.


How do the words and actions around communion communicate God’s forgiveness to us anew each time we receive it?

How does receiving communion generally leave you feeling – refreshed, condemned, bored?  How can a deeper understanding of this sacrament impact your response?