High School Summer Retreat 2021

High School Summer Retreat 2021

Friday, July 30 - Sunday, August 1, 2021
Cost: $180 includes all meals, lodging, transportation, and activity fees

Augustana youth and friends entering grades 10 -12 and just graduated from high school are invited to sign up for our High School Summer Retreat. Our weekend will be spent serving our local community, playing games, swimming, learning, and taking time to relax. After volunteering with local organizations during the day on Friday, we will head to the Mt. Olivet Conference and Retreat Center, in Farmington, where we will stay for the weekend. This will be a weekend filled with fun as gather in community and serve our neighbors. Space is limited. An $80 deposit reserves your space. Due to expenses of the trip no refunds will be given unless another student takes your spot. Please contact Abby Norlin-Weaver at anorlinweaver@augustana.com with questions.

Student's photo can be taken and used by Augustana for promotional purposes. (Photos will never be sold or used outside of Augustana.)

Trip Guidelines & Expectations

1) All participants are expected to behave in a manner that shows respect for God, for self, for other persons, and for the property of all.

2) The possession or use of any illegal substance or weapon will not be tolerated. If a participant fails to meet these guidelines he/she is subject to immediate dismissal from that event. Attendance at future events will be granted by recommendation of the Director of YFM in consultation with the Youth and Family Ministry Committee. During out-of-state YFM events, appropriate disciplinary action will be subject to consultation with parent(s) or legal guardians and the pastors.

3) All overnight events we attend will have established times for curfew/lights out. In most cases these are set by the hosting or sponsoring organization. In situations where this is not the case our guidelines will be curfew (in your room, lights out) by 11:00pm.