Annual Theme 2023-24

Every September, we introduce a Bible verse and theme that guides our education, events, and programming.

Right Where You Belong

And you are included among those who have been called to belong to Jesus Christ. Romans 1:6

About the Theme:

Belonging is a basic human need. We yearn to belong and connect to others in meaningful ways. Belonging to community allows us to share our gifts, learn new things, and discover purpose and direction for our lives. When we belong to others, we can fully live into who God has made us to be. But it’s often easier said than done.

Today, we’re living in what Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy calls, “an epidemic of loneliness.” The basic human need to belong is as strong as ever, but the natural places to belong, to share our gifts, learn from others, and find purpose and direction has eroded in our society. Polarization has cast doubt on whether we can really belong to the institutions that once held our communities together. Throughout our week, we participate in many things. Our schedules are packed. But how often does it lead to feeling like we really belong? Or that our degree of belonging is based on the quality of what we can do, rather than who we uniquely are that brings depth and dimension to the communities in which we belong.

God has uniquely created the church to be a community in which all belong, not because of what we do, but because of what God has done through Jesus Christ. When we gather as God’s people and invite others to be part of this community, we affirm what God has always said to us, “you’re right where you belong.”

Bring all of who you are. Your joys and passions. Your disappointments and pain. Your prayers and your hopes for your life and the world to this community of belonging . . . the kingdom of God.

Faith Practice Cards 2022-23

These Faith Practice Cards intended to help you build a healthy faith practices. We encourage you to explore, experiment, and combine with faith resources from past years.

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