Wednesday Evening Activities

Wednesday Evening Activities will Resume Fall 2022!

Have a great summer!!

Congregational Dinner | 5-6 pm |

Wednesday night dinners are cancelled until the spring.

Library Open | 5:30-7:15 pm

Augustana’s Library has a wealth of material available to nurture your Christian faith and pursue your spiritual growth.

Parent Lounge Open | 5:40 to 7:00 pm | Room 4W

Gather with other parents in a causal and relaxed atmosphere to talk about current events impacting children, families, and our communities. Each week a topic will be posted on the board as a conversation starter. Because this is an area for parents, we ask that kids not be brought into the Parent Lounge at any time.

Confirmation | 5:50-7 pm | Fellowship Hall

Students in grades 7 – 9 meet weekly to grow in their understanding of the Lutheran faith, discover how God is at work in their lives, and how those two things combined guide who they are and how they show up in the world each day.

Where Faith Meets Life Bible Study | 6-7pm | Jerusalem Room

Join one of the pastors and explore the preaching text for the upcoming Sunday. This Bible study will help you listen to sermons in a new way and help you connect your faith to your everyday life. There is always good fellowship and conversation!

Cherub Choir Rehearsal | 6:15 to 7:00 pm | Room 2E

Lower Children in grades 1-3 rehearse with choir director, Becca Tutewohl.

Chorister Choir Rehearsal | 6:15-7 pm |Senior Choir Room

Children in grades 4-6 rehearse with choir director, Kim Zemple.

Agape Choir Rehearsal | 7-8 pm | Senior Choir Room

Girls in grades 7-12 rehearse with choir director, Kathy Andrews.

Rejoice Ringers Rehearsal | Mondays, 7-8 pm | Fellowship Hall

The adult hand bell choir rehearses with director, Andy Jacob.

Senior Choir Rehearsal | 8-9 pm | Senior Choir Room

The adult choir rehearses with director Kathy Andrews.

Office Hours &
Building Information

8:00 am – 4:30 pm

8:00 am – noon

The main building entrance is located on the east side of the church and is open on Sundays and during the week. For security purposes, the north entrance is only open on Sundays and for special events.