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Associate Pastor Call Process 

August 2022 – At the end of July, the committee held a Town Hall Meeting for the congregation to ask questions about the call process. We continue to be available to answer questions about our process. This week the committee met to refine our list of questions for the candidate interviews. Next week Bishop Lull will present the committee with a select list of candidates who we will begin interviewing as soon as the following week. Please continue to pray for us and for this process as we discern our next associate pastor.

July 2022 – The call committee has convened!  We received our orientation to the process from Bishop Lull and Douglas Berg-Williams will serve as chair. We are inviting Augustana members to nominate potential candidates during a two-week period from July 10 through July 24.  Bishop Lull will seriously consider these nominations when bringing forth quality candidates for the committee to interview. We will be calling a Pastor of Discipleship and Community Mission who has more than 3 years of experience as a pastor. There is a job description available in the office and on the website. Please submit your nominations either on the website or on a paper form (found at the Information Center or in the church office) between July 10 and July 24.

To submit your nomination online, open and complete the Candidate Nomination Form.  Once completed, click the download icon (down arrow with a line under it, usually in the upper right corner of your screen), select the option “save WITH changes” to save to your computer. Then email your completed form as as an attachment to

Associate Pastor Job Description

Candidate Nomination Form

June 2022 – The process to call an Associate Pastor is underway. A Call Committee has been approved by the Church Council. Members of the committee are: Doug Berg-Williams, Jenny Sanford, Chris Blake, Luke Reisig, Mary Yackley, April Simek, Nancy Huart, and Pastor Jason. This pastoral position will be called Pastor of Discipleship and Community Mission. Based on feedback received during the Listening Sessions this spring, we have identified our need to focus on ministry with younger generations and our immediate neighbors. The Call Committee will meet in the coming weeks to identify a Chair and meet with Bishop Lull for orientation. We are fortunate that much of the preparatory work was completed during the process to call Pastor Jason. Because of this, we should be able to interview candidates this summer.

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